Crease Flex Tester

The ability of a fabric to retain pressed in Crease Flex Tester and to recover from creasing is an important property, especially in a case of apparel fabrics. This properly is measured in terms of crease recovery angle, which is defined as the angle formed between the two limbs of a strip of fabric previously folded to form a single crease under prescribed conditions at a specified time after removed of creasing load.

Technical Specification:
  • Size of the Test Specimen: 40 X 15 mm
  • Creasing Load: 1.0 kg
  • Area of Loading: 15 X 15 mm
  • Distance between edge of the
  • Clamp to the axis: 2 mm
  • Crease Recovery Angle: 10 °C – 180 °C X 0.5
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