Digital Moisture Meter

METLOR Digital Moisture Meter is an electrical resistance type digital moisture meter. If calculates on the basis of the mass of water/ mass of solids. Since the electrical conductivity of paper is considerably affected not only by its moisture content but also by the paper temperature and various substance contained in the paper, Asian Moisture meter has been designed to take these parameters into consideration to ensure accurate readings.

The hands close naturally around the ergonomic form of the housing so that the pins on the end of the instrument can be pressed into the material to be measured. The thin pins make it easy to measure the moisture content of materials up to a maximum thickness of 25 mm.

Technical Specification:
  • Electric Conductivity (Resistance Sensor) Range: 0.0~60.0 percent
  • Temperature (Temperature Sensor) Range: Less than 10.0~50.0 degree Celsius (14.0~122.0 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Material Moisture Range: Material 1: Beech, Spruce, Larch, Birch, Cherry, Walnut(8.5~60.0 percent)
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