Wood Testing Equipments

In the market, we present a highly functional range of Wood Testing Equipments with excellent accuracy. These testing machines offer a complete spectrum of testing jobs in various industries like wooden, automotive, aerospace, paints, aviation, and many others. We have in our universal testing machines for determining the shear strength, compression strength and elongation of varied materials. Then, there is humidity chamber for maintaining the standing temperature and humidity level to get accurate properties of the test specimen. Fore testing the gloss and brightness of any object’s surface, we have gloss meter. We have all the latest versions of this testing equipment, all in confirmation with the international standards of ASTM D412, D395, D429, GB 9754, IS 3400 and ISO 2813.


  • Model: ATE/UTM/60C
  • Straining/ piston speeds (mm/mm) (at no load): 0-150
  • Resolution of piston movement (mm): 0.1
  • Clearance for tensile at fully descended working piston (mm): 50-700
  • Clearance for compression test at fully descended working piston (mm) Clearance between columns (mm): 0-700, 500

Connected Load:

  • HP: 3
  • V: 400-440
  • Phase: 3


  • LXWXH in (Inch): 72 x 30 x 82 (approx.)
  • Net Weight in (kg): 1700 (approx.)
  • Gross Weight in (kg): 2000 (approx.)

Standard Accessories:

  • Clamping jaws for round specimen diameter (mm): 10-25, 25-40 & 40-55
  • “Clamping jaws for flat specimens thickness (mm) Width: 0-15,15-30,70

For Compression Test:

  • Pair of compression plates of diameter (mm): 120

For Flexural Test:

  • Table with adjustable rollers, width of rollers (mm): 160
  • Diameter of the rollers (mm): 50
  • Max. the clearance between supports: 600
  • Radius of punch tops (mm): 16,22
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