Finish Film Adhesion Tester

The “METLOR ” Finish Film Adhesion Tester made test specimen plates on which the test specimen is paste. There is a set of Pressing Jig on which the test specimen plates are the amount. A set of loading weight supply with the instrument. Made on the casted base plate. On which the supporting platform with loading knob is mounted. When press the loading knob the supporting platform will lift. The test specimen-pasting strip with test specimen mounted on the slot of the instrument & tight with the help of the tightening bolts. Slotted weights with hanger are also supplied with the instrument for applying the force to the test specimen is testing.

Technical Specification:
  • Size of test specimen: 10 X 50mm
  • No. Of test specimen-pasting strip mounted on the Pressing: 5 jigs at a time
  • Weight of the loading weight: 400 gm
  • Total weight of hanger with hook: 50 gm
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