Leakage Testing Machine for Head Lamps

Our company is engaged in manufacturing Leakage Testing Machine for Head Lamps which is ideal for testing leakage in head lamps of various vehicles. It is an advanced series which is designed to perform a comprehensive range of tests. It is Vacuum Decay type testing machine that has all advanced Features: may be required for precision detection of leakage. In this machine, a vacuum is applied to a preset value and the final differential vacuum is obtained after allowing sufficient time for the drift to stabilize which is considered to indicate a true leak without noise. It works on a channel such as OK/NG criteria and the duration of CHG, BAL and DET stages. Furthermore, it is also equipped with the feature that all these setting can be restored easily.

  • Highly accurate & dependable
  • Quick leak detection
  • Multi-channel operation
  • Smart pneumatic & electronic circuits
  • Easy calibration through Leak Masters.
  • PC Interface through RS 232 C
  • Pressure Decay Leak measurements
  • Strain gauge based pressure transducers/transmitters.
Technical Specification:s:
  • Test results: High
  • Pressure resolution: 0.00%
  • Panel: 24-bit A/D converter
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