Coating Thickness Gauge

Also known as paint Meter, Coating Thickness Gauge is widely used in industry to measure the dry film thickness. These are specially designed for checking the on- ferrous coating as chrome, galvanizing, electroplating, paint on ferrous workpieces. These are in high demand in the coating industry as the dry film thickness is probably the most critical measurement there. Through this device, vital information regarding the product’s fitness for a specific Application: expected a life of the substrate and its appearance.

  • High level of accuracy
  • Can be used on ferrous and now – ferrous substrates
  • Excellent compatibility with several devices
  • Suitable for destructive or non-destructive testing
  • Wide range of probes and calibration foils
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Railway industry
  • Metal industry
Technical Specification:s:
  • Accuracy: 1 – 3 % n or less than 2.5 um
  • Min. Measuring Area: 6 mm
  • Min. Sample Thickness : 0.3 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0-50 degree C
  • Measuring range: 0~1250 um
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