Load Cell Based Touch Screen Digital Brinell Hardness Tester

Product Introduction

The Brinell hardness meter is mainly used to measure the Brinell hardness of the material. Brinell hardness meter. Suitable for determination of Brinell hardness of ferrous metals and nonferrous metals. The hardness value can be automatically calculated and displayed on the LCD screen. The reading is accurate and the operation is convenient.

  1. Loadcell based, force feedback, Step-control
  2. Test Force range: 5 kgf ~ 3000 kgf.
  3. Automatic switching of indenter and objective
  4. Data on all operations and test results can be displayed on the
  5. Built in mini
  6. Video screen measurement device and CCD image automatic measurement system can be configured according to the special needs of users (optional).

Field of Application

It is mainly used for hardness determination of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and soft alloys. It can also be used for hardness determination of some non-metallic materials


Technical Parameters

Brinell ScaleHBW2.5/62.5, HBW2.5/187.5, HBW5/62.5, HBW5/125, HBW5/250, HBW5/750 HBW10/100, HBW10/125, HBW10/250, HBW10/500, HBW10/1000, HBW10/1500 HBW10/3000
Testing Force62.5kgf, 100kgf, 125kgf, 187.5kgf, 250kgf, 500kgf, 750kgf, 1000kgf, 1500kgf, 3000kgf 612.9N, 980.7N, 1226N, 1839N, 2452N, 4903N, 7355N, 8907N, 14710N, 29420N.
Changing ScaleHRA, HRB, HRC, HV, HK, HB, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T.
Minimum unit of measurement0.6µm
Dwell Time0.99µm
Turret ControlAutomatic
Hardness Testing Range8-650HBW
Total Magnification20X
Hardness ReadingTouch Screen Inch Touch Screen
Data OutputBuilt-in-Printer
AC220±5%, 50-60Hz
Distance Between Indenter Center to Body
Maximum Height of the Specimen225mm
Standard AccessoriesDigital Eyepiece 1 No.
Standard hardness block 2 Nos.
Fuse 2A 3 Nos.
Power Cable 1 No.Ф2.5,5,10 mm Hard alloy ball indenter 1 for each.
Flat table(100 mm) , V-table(60 mm) 1 for each.
Printer roll 1 No.
Machine Manual 1 No.
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