Portable Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester

Working Principle

Fix the test head of Brinell hardness tester to the test frame. When testing, fix the measuring frame onto the surface of the test piece firmly, load force by operating the handle.

The test head is a mini hydraulic system which contains a control valve for controlling force. When force loading to 3000Kgf, the control valve opens, pressure releasing. According to ASTM standard, force loading should be repeated 3 to 4 times, keeping the pin of the pressure gauge reaching the point of 3,000Kgf 3 to 4 times. ln this way, it equals the test regulation of test force 3,000 Kgf, iDmm test ball, force maintaining time; 0 to 5 seconds.

Instrument Features

Test principle:

Apply hydraulic principle permitting loading 3000kgf manually.

On-site Testing:

It could be applied in workshop, simple operation, easy carrying, and testing body hardness of large parts piece by piece.

Permanent Indentation:

By 3000Kgf and 10mm test ball, the indentation is permanent for re-inspecting.

High Reliability:

It follows Brinell hardness test method completely, the same as desk testers, reflecting the actual mechanical property of material or parts.

High Accuracy:

Indication error, repeatability error and test force accuracy comply with ISO, and ASTM standards, the same as desk testers.

Wide Application Range:

As long as clamped to the parts, it could test parts in any shape and size.

Wide Test Range:

It could test various common metal materials by its combination of different test force and test head, that is, wide test range.


  •  On-site test of steel products, nonferrous metal, castings, forgings, and semi-finished heat treatment parts.
  •  Applied to too large parts for desk testers to test. Replace Leeb testers which are in low accuracy and reliability.
  • Indentation could be read by indentation automatic measurement system and hardness valves displayed directly.


Technical Parameters

Test Force3000kg (1000kg, 750kg, 500kg optional)
Test Ball10mm Carbide alloy test ball (5mm optional)
Test Range32-650HBW
Opening Dimension350mm (Height) x 100mm(Throat depth)
Indicator Errorcomplies with ISO 6506, and ASTM E10
Repeatability Errorcomplies with ISO 6506, and ASTM E10.
Test Force Errorcomplies with ISO 6506, and ASTM E10.
Weight14 kg. Approx.

Standard Assembly

THB-3000THB-3000 A
HandleLoad Handle
Brinell Harness BlockBrinell Harness Block
Anvil (flat, V-type, spot-type)20X Reading Microscope
20X Reading Microscope10mm Spare Carbide Alloy Test Ball
10mm Spare Hard Alloy Test BallChain Measuring Frame

1.3m Chain

Optional Accessories

Brinell Hardness Block (High or Low Value)
Hard Alloy Test Ball (5mm,10mm)
Spare Parts (Hydraulic oil Capsule,Hydraulic oil, O-Ring etc.)
Maintaining Tools
Automatic Brinell indentation Measurement System BIDAS
Other Specification Chains
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