UTG21-H(E) Ultasonic Level Transmitter

Measuring Range0-10m, 0-15m, 0-20m
Blind Area0.35m
Ranging Accuracy0.3% (Standard Condition)
Ranging Resolution1mm
Supply VoltageDC24V/AC220V
Protection GradeIP67
Explosive Proff GradeExplosive-proff grade:Exd(ia)ia II BT6
Ambient Temperature-20℃~ + 60℃
PressureLess Than Four Atmospheric Pressure

As shown, instrument’s transducers made after the wave hit the level reflected back to transducer, the transducer receives income calculated after the hair waves to waves of time, are measured from the L, meter installation height minus the measurement of TH the distance Lwill be the current level H. Meter range means the instrument can measure the distance, the installation should be less than a high degree of TH range.
Instrument blind means measuring instruments in the vicinity of the transducer can not be measured in the region, the highest level with the transducer spacing should be greater than the blind, for example: blind spot for the 0.3m, the highest level with the transducer spacing must be greater than 0.3m.

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