Measuring Range0-5, 0-10, 0-20
Blind Area0.35m
Ranging Accuracy0.3% (Standard Condition)
Ranging Resolution1mm
Supply VoltageDV24V/AC220V
Output4~20mA or Rs 485 / Modbus-RTU
Protection GradeIP65
Ambient Temperature-20℃~ + 60℃
PressureLess Than Four Atmospheric Pressure

Wiring directive

  • Please carefully check the power supply wiring of AC220V and DC24V before it is powered, and do not misconnect.
  • SPST1~SPST4 is the switch signal of four circuits and will be set according to menus P03 (Relay) respectively.
  • XPS is the terminal of Probe; they are separately connected with the two probes by independent twin-core shield wires or four-core shield wires.
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