ZBL-C310 A Rebar Corrosion Detector

ZBL-C310A is a specialized apparatus; it is designed according to the electrochemical testing method (natural potential method) of “construction testing technical standard”. Using the electrode polarization theory,
ZBL-C310A tests the potential of concrete surfaces by a Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode, and determines the level of rebar corrosion with commonly used natural potential method.


  • Accuracy: ±0.1mv corrosion voltage
  • The degree electrodes detected show in a hierarchical graph
  •  Data be stored in a usb-thumb
  • drive, convenient for field work
  • Two working modes of single and double electrode
Rebar rust detectorZBL-C310A
Corrosion detection methodSingle electrodeDouble electrode
Measuring Range+1000(mV)0-1000 (mV)
Tested points Interval X0-100 Adjustable20 Fixed
Tested points Interval Y0-100 Adjustable0-100 Adjustable
Display160mm*128mm LCD
Electrode Size*30*180
PowerBuilt-in lithium battery
Data Storage234 points
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