Single Phase Specifications:

        1 KVA, 2 Nos. of double wound iron core EI step down transformer .

Primary: 230V AC / 1.5A brought out on 2×2 SBSS Socket X 2 primaries.

Secondary: 200VAC /1.5A , brought out on 2×2 SBSS Socket X 2 secondary’s.

Mechanical Specifications:

Aluminum rack of 4 x 2 matrix will provide as flat demo panel system to house all experiment panels.

Dimension: 940 (H) x 1176(L) x 305 (D)mm.

Lightweight sturdy aluminum power coated flat demo panel system containing followings panel will be provided.

Input single phase starter panel

AC Secondary Voltmeter Panel

AC Primary Voltmeter Panel

Dual range primary side AC ammeter panel

Dual range secondary side DC Ammeter Panel

Milliohm (V-I Method)/ Reactive – Capacitive Load.

Resistive Load & Dimmer Panel.

230/1 Phase Transformer panel

1 Phase MCB isolator Panel

Integrated AC (1 Phase)

Online Monitoring and Analysis

Modbus RS 485 interfacing to measure & Analysis of power and energy.

Measurement Panel

It should be divided in to various colorful screw less overlay showing circuit diagram to perform the following experiments as under:

Finding transformer equivalent circuit, study of transformer load regulation, Back to Back Test (Sumpner Test) on two identical single-phase transformers,

Measurement of winding temperature, Effect of type of load on transformer output waveform etc.

It should have Test points facilities to observe different output.

Set of patch cords.

Operating manual to be given in hard and soft copy in pen drive with all experiments covered should be provided.

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