The setup should be designed with following control panels mounted on the table standing ‘Aluminum Rack’ arrangement for essay understanding & performing various experiments for easy understanding & performing various experiments Input 3 Phase DOL Starter Panel Provided.

4 Pole MCB of 415 V/1A .

DOL 9A Contactor with 230V/ 50 Hz / 11VA COIL.

Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 1.4A-2.3A.

Integrated AC (3/1 Phase ) Measurement Panel.

Consist of 2 Nos. of (48x96mm) Digital meters one each for 3Phase & 1Phase Measure V, I, PF (0.2lag unity – 0.2 lead) , Hz

Current for 3ɸ meter = 1.5A (Balanced Load)

1A/5A for 1ɸ meter (170-250V)

1 Phase motor, alternator & synchronous motor panel

1 Phase MCBs of 4A /1.6A – 2 Nos.

Integrated AC (3/1 phase ) measurement panel

Consist of (98x96mm) Digital meter for 3phase & 1 Phase measures Voltage line to line * Line to Neutral, Current for all 3 phase up to 5A.

Power factor, frequency , Watt , VAR, VAR, VA and energy in KWHR.

Potential Transformer Panel.

Voltage Transformer (2Nos.), 1 Standard and 1 under test primary 230V & Secondary 24 VAC

Multifunction 1 Phase Meter : Aux Supply: 230VAC

50MHz, Voltage : 0 to 300V, Current: 1A/ 5A Range,

Display: LCD Display, CTR: 10/1A

Modbus RS 485 interfacing to measure & analysis of power and energy.

V, I, Hz, Pf, KVA, KW, KWH, etc. with Data Loggings Software online Monitoring and Analysis.

Modbus RS 485 interfacing to measure & analysis of power and energy

On primary and secondary terminals of PT brought out on front panel for connection.

Lamp Load & Resistor (AC Resistors & DC Resistors) Load panel, Inductive and capacitive (LC) Load Panel provided to cover the following experiments:

Current Transformer testing

Potential Transformer Testing

Calibration of single Phase Energy Testing

Measurement of 3 Phase power by 1,2, 3 Wattmeter methods.

Measurement of single phase power 3 ammeter Method.

Measurement of single phase power 3 Voltmeter Method.

Setup for patch cords

Operating manual to be given in hard and soft copy in pen drive with all experiments covered should be provided.

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