Soil Augers

Make: Metlor

Model: CL-1100

Origin: India

Standards: ASTM D420 | ASTM D1452 | AASHTO T86 | AASHTO T202

Specification: Used for general exploration in soil investigation. Made of special plated steel. The T handle with 1 m rod has to be ordered separately. See accessories, code 0005/1. A complete set of augers and accessories is also available. See Soil prospecting kit.
Weights approx.:
0005/A  2 kg
0006/A  2.5 kg
0007/A  3 kg
0008/A  3 kg
0008/B  2 kg
0008/C  1.3 kg
0010/6  0.3 kg

Hand auger head 80 mm dia.
Hand auger head 100 mm dia.
Hand auger head 150 mm dia.
Spiral soil auger head 40 mm dia.
Dutch soil auger head, Edelman model, 70 mm dia. for soft fine soils.
Gravel auger head 150 mm dia.
Stainless steel sample tube dia. 38×230 mm

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