Universal Proctor CBR Automatic Soil Compactor


Model: CL-1112

Origin: India

Standards: BS 1377:4

Specification: Automatic Soil Compactor BS EN Rammer the automatic soil compactors is designed to provide a fully automatic uniform compaction of standard / modified and CBR specimens assuring conformity with the reference standard.
Compactor is equipped with programmable digital counter which allows machine to stop at the preset numbers of blows. The height and weight of the rammer is adjustable to suit test requirements. The drop weight is adjustable to 300 mm drop height and is also adjustable to 450 mm drop height. The rammer is circular faced with a 50 mm diameter and is adjustable to 2.5 kg. or 4.5 kg.

An automatic blow pattern ensures effective compaction for each layer of soil and the rammer travels across the mould. The table rotates the mould in equal steps and the number of blows per layer can be set at the beginning of the test by the digital counter. User defined blow number and in-out distribution is also available. A standard proctor / CBR switch, emergency stop and start push buttons are located beside the blow counter. 220 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 Ph.

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