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MAKE- METLORMODEL NO – CTM 560 Digital compression testing machine 2000KN

The unit having 14-channel memory with 5 Digit Non reset type counters of which 13 are available for counting of 13 different

The unit having 6 digits re-set type counters containing 10 counters, of which 9 are available for counting of 9 different constituents

250      200      40 mm 300      250       40 mm 450       300       40 mm 600        450       50 mm

250ml 500ml 1000ml 2000ml

CAPACITY                              LEAST COUNT 6Kg.                                          1 Gm. 10Kg.                                        1Gm. 30Kg.                                         2Gm.        600Kg.                                       0.01Gm. 210Kg.                                       0.1 Mg

Max. Tem., 12000C. Working 11000C, very light weight and with ceramic insulation ot work on 220/230 V or 400/440 vac, Phase3 supply

Size : 450 450 450mm Aluminum Chamber Size: 900    600    600 mm Aluminum Chamber Stainless Chamber

Range 50C with an accuracy of le, double walled, glass thermometer and two air circulation fans to work on 220/230A.C. with coard

Useful for plant growth and animal studies. Temp range 50C to 500 C temp. cab be obtained forem150C to 500 C 10

Pound, 20cm with energy regulator.

With  instruction in operating manual. Size : 300 mm300mm. Aluminum Brass Stainless Steel

To determine the soil tension at different root zones of the crop and help to grow more at low cost. 6” to

30 30 cm with stand. Stove heater of Aluminium Stainless Steel

Electrically, made of G.I sheets, Export Quality Size: 30   30  30cms Size: 45  45  45 cms Size:60  60  60 cms (Field Oven)

From mg to 5 kg . only of Cast Iron. Packed in wooden box with forcep.

Complete with accessories.

Capacity with accessories.

As above but loading unit is electrically cum annually operated having 2000kg capacity operation on 220V 230 volt, single phase A.C. supply

For testing soil specimen of 38 mm dia . 76 mm long as per I.S. 2720 Part XII Consists of following :

Electrically cum Hand operated as per I.S2720 part X. Consists of Load frame, Capacity : 50 KN ( 5000kgf.) with three rate

For coarse aggregates. The frame is made of galvanized iron sheet with joint, having the steel perforated sheet  with square holes of

In 20 cm diameter brass frame , seamless, made of spun brass fitted with best quality wire mesh of stainless steel/ brass/

Consists of a frame manually operated, capacity : 50 KN, mould assembly made of brass/ gun metal. Complete with collar, perforated swell

A above but electrically operated. Rate of rotation is 1/60 rpm suitable for operation on 220/230 volts, single phase.

Laboratory purpose a per I.S. 2720 part XXX complete in a polished wooden box.

MOTORISED. Suitable to carry 7 sieves, the shake is driven by a 0.25 HP) electric motor through  a reduction gear. The Sieve

Hand Operated. This is a light, portable but sturdy sieve shake suitable for bench mounting .A heavy duty fly wheel ensures smooth

Hand operated. Cap : 3T complete.

For tramning various diameter specimens for triaxial and unconfined compression test . Hand Operated Motorised

Motorised for Bench minting .It is used to prepare specimens of various diameter for triaxial and unconfined compression tests. The apparatus is

This equipment is used for determination of the relative density of cohesionless free draining soil and meets the essential requirement of IS

Compression type with integral loading caps with our work calibration chart, complete with dial gauge: 0.002 mm., 0.0001 Capacity 3 ton 5

Split spoon sampler Extension Rod with coupling (‘A’ Rods )  5 ft. long heavy duty 65 kg. Driver with penetration gude assembling

Unit consists of steel bearing plates, 25mm thick of 75, 45 and 30 cm dia . plain and chequerred, Bridge support complete

Complete with proctor mould for heavy compaction, 150mm internal dia 127.3mm high, having 2250 cc volume , complete wih base plate and

As per IS 2720 part VI, 10074 for light compaction. Consists of proctor mould 100 mm internal dia 127.3m high having 1000cc

As per ISS capacity, 1 Lt. with brass cone at top, rubber and screw cap.

As per IS 2720 Part XVII. For determination of perme4eability studies of soil.

The instrument  is for detecting saturation percentage of water in soil. It is workable on 9V Battery, 3.5 Digit display. Complete with20

Covered with a Nylon casing. Cable length may supplied as per your requirement as an extra cost.

To know the moisture conditions at varying depths of soil. (Complete with one meter cable length).

For indication of  soil  temperature and available moisture to plan. Complete with 18” long zet fitted com bined electrode, one set of

For determination available moisture condition in soil at 1-100%. Solid state circuit , Complete with 4 nos. re-chargeable battery, charging adaptor and

For determination of available moisture condition in soil at 0-100%. Battery operated only (2 nos. pencil battery) Complete with battery and 2

As above but the dial gauge is calibrated in percentage moisture content to 50% on the wet weight basis which is equal

For quick determination of materials in powder from i.e. soil sand, coal , pottery, ganister, cement etc. the unit can be used

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