The ”Metlor Temperature Measurement Trainer to measure temperature upto 100°C small heating source, and digital indicator is provided to read the temperature

Our company is manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Temperature Measurement Trainer, that is designed in such a way that it helps understanding in working of temperature transducers like thermocouple, RTD, thermistor and their working principle. Further, our range has a 31/2 digit digital LED display of 200mVFSD.


  • The System comprises of a small water Kettle as a temperature source up to 1000C with Thermocouple, RTD and Thermistor to sense the temperature
  • Digital Indicator of 31/2 digit is supplied along with the sensor to indicate the temperature in degree centigrade
  • The front panel of the instrument is designed in such a way that the schematic circuit diagram of the temperature indicator is shown
  • All test points are brought outside to enable the student to understand the working of the instrument properly
  • The system is self-explanatory and all necessary accessories will be supplied along with the kit


  • Combination of RTD, Thermocouple and Thermistor
  • Sensors: Thermocouple – Fe-K (J type) R. T. D. – PT-100 Thermistor – 5Kohms (-ve coefficient)
  • Temperature: 1000 C.
  • Probes: Sensors are housed inside 6mm dia SS tube of 6 lengths
  • Temperature Source: A small portable electric kettle in which water can be heated up to boiling temperature
  • Source Temperature: A glass thermometer to read up to 1100 C
  • Display: 31/2 digit digital LED display of 200mVFSD
  • Power required for operation

230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
230V, 60Hz, 1 phase


  • LxWxH: 400x300x300mm
  • Weight: approx. 15kg
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