Vibration of Spiral Spring Apparatus

Model No: AM-026

This unit is designed to determine the time period of spiral spring and its frequency. Spiral spring is a type of spring which is formed by a metallic strip wound around a rod at same point.

The apparatus consists of a shaft on which the spiral spring is attached. A metallic rod, containing masses at its edges, is used to deflect the shaft. The deflection can be measured through a protector and the extent to which the spring was deflected initially can also be found.


[1] Investigation of vibrations on a spiral spring-rotating mass system

[2] Axis mounted on ball bearings

[3] 2 levers with sliding weights

[4] Spiral spring

[5] Integrated angle measuring scale mounted on axis

[6] Wall mounting plate made of anodised aluminium

Technical Data

Spiral spring

– stiffness: c=238Nmm

– cross-section: 10x1mm

– effective length: approx. 800mm

– inside radius: 10mm

– outside radius: 50mm

Weights made of stainless steel

– mass: 0.5kg

– diameter: 50mm

Levers made of stainless steel

– diameter: 8mm

– length: 154mm

– arm radius of the rotating mass: 36…150mm

Angle measuring scale

– 0…360°

– resolution: 1°

Base plate

– wxh: 200x250mm

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