Wheel and Axle Apparatus

Model No: AM-027


The model demonstrates the conditions of equilibrium on a differential pulley block. Three anodised aluminium pulleys of different diameter are fitted to a shaft mounted on ball bearings. The forces act, on the one hand, directly on the peripheral of the largest pulley, on the other hand, via a loose pulley on two smaller pulleys. Easy to interchange weights permit the load to be varied such that equilibrium is obtained. The model is intended for wall mounting.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

– Equilibrium of forces

– Equilibrium of moments

– Relationship between force reduction and cord travel


[1] Experiment on the equilibrium of forces and moments on a differential pulley block

[2] 3 pulleys made of anodised aluminium

[3] 2 sets of weights

[4] Ball bearing mounted steel shaft

[5] Anodized aluminum base plate

Technical Data

Pulley diameter

– D=250mm

– D=100mm

– D=50mm

Loose pulley

– D=75mm

Set of weights

– 2x 1N (hanger)

– 4x 0.5N

– 4x 1N

– 4x 2N

– 4x 5N

Base plate

– wxh: 300x250mm

– hole spacing: 280x230mm, D=10mm

Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h: 300 x 280 x 250 mm

Weight: approx. 15 kg

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