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Model No-FM-006 DESCRIPTION The”METLORINDIA” advanced Centrifugal Pump Test Rig is a self-contained unit operated on closed circuit basis containing a sump tank.


Model No – FM-004 DESCRIPTIONS: The “METLORINDIA” advanced self-contained apparatus to demonstrate and observe the basic principles of cavitation and its implications


Model No: AM-031 Descriptions: For determining the relationship between a load applied to a wire and the resulting extension. Consisting of an


Model No: AM-029 Descriptions: Winch Crab Single/Double Purchase The grooved wheel is of 25 cm dia and gears are machine cut. Winch


Model No: AM-028 Descriptions: The Whitworth mechanism is also known as the quick-return mechanism. It represents a revolving crank slider and produces


Model No: AM-027 Descriptions: The model demonstrates the conditions of equilibrium on a differential pulley block. Three anodised aluminium pulleys of different


Model No: AM-026 This unit is designed to determine the time period of spiral spring and its frequency. Spiral spring is a


Model No: AM-025 The table model demonstrates the transmission of angular motion to joint shafts, the related gimbal error and how this

Universal-Force-Table (1)

Model No: AM-024 Descriptions: It consists of cast aluminum plate of 400 mm dia. graduated in 360 degrees. The table is fitted


Model No: AM-023 Descriptions: This bench top mounted unit is used to study torsion and torsional vibration in experiments. The apparatus is


Model No: AM-022 The demonstration model is used to generate and investigate pure harmonic reciprocating motion. An anodised aluminium disc used as


Model No: AM-021 Descriptions: The crank mechanism is the functional group of machines that converts a uniformly rotating (rotational) motion into a


Model No: AM-020 Descriptions: Spring driven heavy metal apparatus demonstrates Newton’s Second law of Motion. The unit is based on a substantial


Model No: AM-019 Descriptions: Moment of inertia is a physical quantity for the representation of the inertial amount of a rotational object.


Model No: AM-018 Descriptions: Stands 32 inches high with a 7.8 inch wide base for sturdy display. Demonstrate a variety of physics


Model No: AM-017 Descriptions: It is used to connect two parallel shafts whose axes are at a small distance apart. Two flanges,


Model No: AM-016 Descriptions: For use with the Work Panel, the kit allows several experiments with forces pulling on one or more


Model No: AM-015 This unit is designed to study forces in jib crane elements. Jib crane has two elements which are attached


Model No: AM-014 Descriptions: Universal joint shafts are joint shafts that transfer a torque and a rotational motion. A universal joint combines


Model No: AM-013 Descriptions: It is a commonly used mechanism for producing an intermittent rotary motion from a uniform input speed. The


Model No: AM-012 Descriptions: Most road vehicles are fitted with variable-ratio gearboxes as a means of obtaining the best power application under


Model No: AM-010 Descriptions: The compact bench top unit has a sturdy aluminum base plate, non-slip feet and central vertical pillar. Pivoting


Model No: AM-011 Descriptions: This mechanism is a differential gear train whose gears are all spur gears. It is basically a combination


Model No: am-009 Descriptions: Four-bar linkages are used to convert a uniform continuous rotation into a non-uniform rotation or oscillation. The apparatus


Model No: AM-008 Descriptions: This apparatus is designed to demonstrate the working principle of fly wheel and its practical significance in industry.


Model No: AM-007 Descriptions: The crank slider, unlike a normal crank mechanism, generates a purely harmonic stroke movement. The unit can be used


Model No: AM-006 Descriptions:  This mechanism demonstrates relative angular motion between two intersecting shafts through shifting balls as found in front drive


Model No: AM-005 The apparatus is designed to study the time period and frequency of compound pendulum. A pendulum consists of a


Model No: AM-004 Specifications: The device is composed of a track where a low friction bobbin can run. By rotating the device


Model No: AM-003 Product details: Brand                    Sunlabtech Material                Stainless Steel Weight set           100


Model: AM-002 Cam mechanisms are non-uniform translatable gears that help convert uniform rotating drive motions into non-uniform drive motions with or without


Model No: AM-002 Specifications: In a bifilar suspension, the pendulum body is suspended over two threads. The pendulum body oscillates in a


Model No: AM-001 Product Description The long and short sections of the teak wood beam are connected by hinge. A spring balance

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