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Model No – FM-004 DESCRIPTIONS: The “METLORINDIA” advanced self-contained apparatus to demonstrate and observe the basic principles of cavitation and its implications

Model No: AM-027 Descriptions: The model demonstrates the conditions of equilibrium on a differential pulley block. Three anodised aluminium pulleys of different

Model No: AM-026 This unit is designed to determine the time period of spiral spring and its frequency. Spiral spring is a

Model No: AM-020 Descriptions: Spring driven heavy metal apparatus demonstrates Newton’s Second law of Motion. The unit is based on a substantial

Model No: AM-012 Descriptions: Most road vehicles are fitted with variable-ratio gearboxes as a means of obtaining the best power application under

Model No: AM-003 Product details: Brand                    Sunlabtech Material                Stainless Steel Weight set           100

MODEL NO – MTL-001 DESCRIPTIONS: The Disc Polishing Machines are extensively used for polishing the Metallography Samples for Microscopic observation to study

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