A micrometer sometimes known as a micrometer screw gauge, is a device incorporating a calibrated screw widely used for accurate measurement of components in mechanical engineering and machining as well as most mechanical trades, along with other metrological instruments such as dial, vernier, and digital calipers [2]. Micrometers are usually, but not always, in the form of calipers (opposing ends joined by a frame). The spindle is a very accurately machined screw and the object to be measured is placed between the spindle and the anvil. Turning the ratchet knob or thimble until the object to be measured is lightly touched by both the spindle and the anvil moves the spindle.


  • Micrometer measures 0 to 1.0″ (0 to 25.4mm) with 0.00005″ (0.001mm) resolution and + or – 0.00005″ accuracy, for taking outside diameter measurements in harsh workshop conditions
  • LCD screen displays in inches and metric units
  • Plastic components are oil-resistant and measuring faces are carbide-tipped for durability
  • Friction thimble to help provide uniform pressure for precise, repeatable measurements
  • Ingress Protection certified IP65 for protection against dust and water


  • Range 0-1in
  • Resolution:.000005”/.00002”
  • 0001mm/0.0005mm (switchable)
  • Accuracy 00002in
  • Contacts Ø3.2mm
  • Force 7 to 9N
  • Mass 400 (440g w Heat Cover)
  • Battery Type Lithium Battery CR2032
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