It should have ‘Aluminum’ rack profile flat demo table top system with 1 Phase AC input supply: 1 Phase MCBs of 4A/1.6A-2Nos.)

Grounding & Protection panel consist of a 2 pole Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) 25A with current imbalance of 30mA, one No push button to create earth leakage fault, one SPDT to select HI-Leakage or LO-Leakage fault, one 15W bulb for HI-leakage fault & 22KW resistor for Lo-Leakage fault.

Integrated AC (1phase) measurement panel of Digital meter for 1 Phase parameters V, I, PF, W, Wh, VA, VAR, Hz , etc.

Current specs = 11A /5A for 1ph. Meter (170-250V) AC

Power Supply Panel: AC OSARAM power supply for metal halide lamp 70W (Max. 5KV) Input 230VAC/0.

Online Monitoring and Analysis

Modbus RS 485 interfacing to measure & analysis of power and energy .

V, I, Hz, Pf, KVA, KW, KWH etc. with Data Logging software DC Power supply panel SMPS power supply for LED, Input 230VAC, Output +12V/5A, 60W, DC supply for down lighter , One way switch = 2 Nos. Two way switch = 02 Nos. Buzzer / Bell switch / Neon Panel

Buzzer / Bell , I/P 230VAC , Bell Switch, Neon lamp indicator and kit kat fuse.

Dimmer/ Fault Panel: Dimmer, Fault 3 Nos.

Sockets Panel: Three pin AC mains Sockets = 3 Nos., 230V/10A rating

DP switch panel: Double pole single through four terminal S/W=2 Nos.

Rating 32A/240VAC should be provided. 

Lamp panel: Incandescent lamp = 1 No, CFL tube = 1 No.

        Various Lamp/Tubes  &  Strip LED 

Display panels how various wiring accessories , Conduit, Elbow joints, casing taping, Cleats, Batten with clips, cable/wires etc. 

Wiring practice board ( 1100 × 300 × 20 mm) 

 Experiments : 

1.Electrical Safety Rules for working in laboratories 

2.Varity of wiring experiments based on above operational panel 

       3.Study Of Protective Devices Panel 

4.Study and use of Measurement Devices 

5. Understanding working of various types of lamps including tubes, LED & other high intensity lamps.

6.Hands on wiring practice using cables , casing and hand tools  


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