Complete with all accessories in original tin box and Export Quality telescopic Aluminum    stand, packed in canvas cover. Easy to handling.

Accuracy: 30” (H) 45” (V), Bubble Accuracy : 60”/2mm Measuring radius 30 m (without detector) , Rotating speed 10 450r/min (adjustable), Beam Light –laser diode, length of wave 635 mm in case. It is used for detecting and recording a person’s locations, them finding position, direction and sped dandy where on earth. It is very compact instrument ,GPS works on the basis of signal received from many number of satellites which are orbiting round the dearth. The main purpose of these coded signals is to allow for calculating the travel time from satellite to the GPS receiver on earth. G.P.S satellites are controlled by tracking them and providing them with corrected orbital and clock (time) information.

Applications of GPS:

·       Has variety of applications in land sea and air.

·       Helps in detecting and recording  any location on Earth.

·       Used for navigating in avionics, marine and military activates in defence.

·       Used among hikers, bunters & cross country skiers.

·       Helps in finding position, direction & speed of a person.

·       Used as a Vehicle tracker of automobiles in different fields.

·       Garmin GPS 72 H

·       Garmin Map 78 S

·       Garmin GPS 64 S

·       Garmin GPS 20                                

·       Garmin GPS 30                                

·   Garmin GPS Montana 680              

·       Garmin GPS   Oregon 650               

·       Garmin GPS Oregon 750                                                        

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