Size 178 mm, 20sec accuracy Conforming to I.S. S No. 2988/1965 Specification Watt’s Pattern. Fitted with optical plummet for rapid setting up over a surveying point. Erect Image. The instrument is of self contained construction so that all the sensitive parts are protected for dust and moisture, The Instrument is equipped with high quality Optics with 25 magnification to give clear & sharp image. The Eyepiece of the telescope is of helical type and is suitable for quick setting. Instrument is made from carefully selected brass  and gun metal for convenience in operation and the ability withstand continuous usage under all conditions without effecting the accuracy or adjustment . Gun metal axis , the circle & Verniers are graduated on embedded effecting the accuracy or adjustment .Gun metal axis, the circles & Veniers fare graduated on embedded Pure Silver and are covered with glass window . The instrument is supplied along with standard accessories in a highly polished teak wooden box & telescopic aluminum stand, packed in water proof canvas cover.

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