Horizontal Flammability Tester

The Horizontal Flammability Tester for the interior of a motor vehicle consists of a stainless steel box. The box has four slots of specified width on the upper part of all sides and the bottom plate has 10holes of specified diameter. The box has an access window of a heat resistant glass plate on the front and a door that has a slot that allows U-shaped clamp enter the box, and a hole for passing a hose from a gas burner, on the side. The box is fitted with four legs and the bottom part raised by 10mm. the clamps made of metal of U-shape of a specified dimension. A Bunsen burner of specified dimension is fitted on the bottom of the stainless steel box. The length of flame control with the help of the needle valve. The flame of the burner is automatically controlled with the help digital preset timer and synchronous motor.

  • Size of chamber: 385 mm Wide,204 mm Deep,356 mm Height
  • Size of slit on the top: 12.7 mm
  • Inside diameter of burner: 9.5 + 0.5 mm
  • JASO M 313-83, FMVSS302, ASTM D5132
  • Stress Relaxation Testing Machine As per DIN 52913 & IS 2712: 1998
  • Gas Sealability Testing Machine As per ASTM F37 B
  • Creep Relaxation Testing Machine As per ASTM F38 B
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