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Make: Metlor Model: CL-1084 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART IV) AND BS 1377:2. Specification: This is for the determination of the sub sieve


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1085 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D 422 AASHTO T 88, BS 1377-2. Specification: This equipment is used to determine the quantitative


Make Metlor Model: CL-1086 Origin: India Specification: The water level indicators (electric contact meters) are portable, easy-to-use and reliable instruments for measuring water


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1087 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D2573 Specification: Ideal for geotechnicians, geologists and agronomists. It consists of the 0163 Pocket penetrometer and


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1088 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Consists of a torque head adjustable in height by means of a lead screw rotated


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1089 Origin: India Standards: IS 4434-1967 Specification: The apparatus is designed for conducting in situ vane shear test from bottom of


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1090 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Three versions available: 0160 and 0162 respectivety for soft soil and medium/hard soil; 0161


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1091 Origin: India Specification: Designed for making field classification of cohesive soils in terms of consistency, shear strength and approximate


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1092 Origin: India Specification: Used for establishing the moisture content-penetration resistance relationship of fine-grained soils. It consists of a special


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1093 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Used for measuring the bearing strength and compaction degree of soils. The apparatus consists of


Make:Metlor Model: CL-1094 Origin: India Standards: BS 1377:9 Specification: The core cutter is driven into the soil using the driving hammer. Then the core


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1095 Origin: India Specification: Used to take a standard volume sample from the ground in order to establish the in-situ


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1096 Origin: India Standards: Specification: The Munsell Soil Color Charts are an affordable way to evaluate the type of soil


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1097 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-9 Specification: Used to take undisturbed soil sample in


MakeMetlor Model: CL-1098 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D420 | ASTM D1452 | AASHTO T86 Specification: It comprises all the most popular auger and sampler


Make:Metlor Model: CL-1099 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Used in conjunction with sampling tube to obtain disturbed or indisturbed samples of soils. Two models


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1100 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D420 | ASTM D1452 | AASHTO T86 | AASHTO T202 Specification: Used for general exploration in


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1101 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART-VII) ASTM D-42, BS 1377 AASHTO T 90 Specification: The complete set consists of one


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1102 Origin: India Standards: BS 1377:2 Specification: A simple mould which is filled with the soil under test. This is then


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1103 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D2167 | AASHTO T205 Specification: Used to determine the in-situ density of compacted or firmly bonded


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1104 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D1556 | AASHTO T191 | NF P94-061-3 Specification: The verification of the degree of compaction can


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1105 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART XXVIII) 1966 | BS 1377-9 | BS 1924:2 Specification: The verification of the degree


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1106 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART-VII) ASTM D 427, BS 1377, AASHTO T 92. Specification: Shrinkage limit is the maximum


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1107 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART V), BS 1377-2 , ASTM D 4318 Specification: Casagrande method in mechanical form is


Make:Metlor Model: CL-1108 Origin: India Standards: BS 1377:2 | UNE 7002 | UNE 7377 | UNI 10014 | DIN 18122 | NF P94-052-1


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1109 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART X) ASTM T 208 Specification: Comprises a screw operated load frame, cap.5000kg with a


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1110 Origin: India Standards: General description: CBR test can be performed not only in laboratory but also in-situ. Metlor proposes


Make:Metlor Model: CL-1111 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D6951 Specification:  A simple and robust instrument for rapid in-situ measurement of the structural properties of


Make:Metlor Model: CL-1112 Origin: India Standards: BS 1377:4 Specification: Automatic Soil Compactor BS EN Rammer the automatic soil compactors is designed to provide a


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1113 Origin: India Standards: EN 13286-47; BS 1377:4; ASTM D1883; AASHTO T193; NF P94-078; UNI CNR 10009 Specification: The automatic CBR

Relative density test apparatus

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1114 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART XIV), ASTM D 4253 & ASTM D 4254 Specification: The equipment consists one each


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1115 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D1194, D1195, D1196; BS 1377:9 Specification: This test method is used to estimate the bearing capacity

Falling head permeability apparatus

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1116 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART XVII) 1966 Specification: The apparatus is used for the laboratory determination of permeability of


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1117 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART XVII) 1966 Specification: The constant head method is particularly suitable for relatively coarse grained


Make:Metlor Model: CL-1118 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D2850, D4767, D7181; AASHTO T-297; BS 1377-7, BS 1377-8 Specification: Consolidated Undrained (CU) Test & Consolidated Drained


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1119 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART XIII) Specification: The apparatus comprises of the following.Loading Unit: Supplied with load yoke with direct


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1120 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-9 General description: The apparatus has been designed to

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