Soil Testing Lab Equipment

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Make: Metlor Model: CL-1088 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Consists of a torque head adjustable in height by means of a lead screw rotated

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1092 Origin: India Specification: Used for establishing the moisture content-penetration resistance relationship of fine-grained soils. It consists of a special

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1100 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D420 | ASTM D1452 | AASHTO T86 | AASHTO T202 Specification: Used for general exploration in

Make:Metlor Model: CL-1112 Origin: India Standards: BS 1377:4 Specification: Automatic Soil Compactor BS EN Rammer the automatic soil compactors is designed to provide a

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1120 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-9 General description: The apparatus has been designed to

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